Wordpress.org Pros Cons

When we talk about WordPress.org, we’re essentially referring to the self-hosted version of the WordPress. You receive a large number of customized WordPress themes along with thousands of free-of-cost WordPress plug-ins, all working in tandem to make your blog or website more functional. As is the case with anything, there are some merits in the merits associated with the WordPress.org too. These are essentially related to the features, customizations, usage and many more aspects of self-hosted WodPress sites. Let’s take you through them as follows:

WordPress.org Merits

No need of registration – Unlike as in case of website/blog creation with WordPress.com, you don't need to register or create an account at WordPress.com for using WordPress.

Easy installation – Installing WordPress on your website is a very easy process. Many web hosts provide easy WordPress installations through their own unique tools. Alternatively you can also install WordPress manually by following some simple steps.

Professional domain – If you decide to go with WordPress installation from WordPress.org, you’d be able to buy any domain name as long as it is available for purchase in the marketplace. You’d receive a professional domain name like www.xyz.com which appears very professional.

Vast variety of plug-ins – As also mentioned earlier, you can make use of thousands of free plug-ins available from WordPress.org. These plug-ins are quite useful for increasing the functionality of your WordPress website. You can install plug-ins to enhance the security aspect of your website too. For instance, the inbuilt Akismet plug-in of WordPress protects your website against spam commenting. On the other hand, enabling Jet Pack plug-in for your WordPress website can significantly enhance its sharing functionality.

Comprehensive control – Unlike WordPress.com, you own the data you post on your WordPress blog/website and have complete control over it. No one is authorized to remove your website/blog from the Internet (unless of course you indulge in illegal practices!) You’d be free to install any plug-in and as many number of plug-ins as you like for improving functionality of your website.

Easy customizations – You’re given the freedom to customize your website in any which way you like. No one will stop you from altering the way your website appears or functions.

Better appearance – You can choose from over 1600 free-of-cost WordPress themes. Apart from that, you can even benefit from premium themes and significantly customize the way your website appears to the visitors.

WordPress.org Demerits

Need web hosting service – You can’t run a successful WordPress.org website if you don’t invest into a web hosting service. Such service may cost you anywhere from $5 to $7 per month.

Some knowledge needed – You may require a certain level of technical knowledge (related to PHP) if you need to do any major customizations on your webpages. For graphical customizations, you’d need knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Domain name investment – Apart from investing into web hosting service, you’d also need to buy a domain name if you need to run a self-hosted WordPress installation from WordPress.org. Furthermore, this domain name will need to be renewed year after year.

Possibility of self-backup – Not every web host provides automatic daily backup of the websites. Hence, you may need to take daily backups of your WordPress website, which may get irritating after some time.