WP Hosting Services

Choosing the right hosting package for your WordPress website can be a very tricky affair. There are three major hosting options you can choose from:

Shared Hosting
This is an attractive hosting option as it provides economies of scale. In this scenario, a single web server hosts hundreds of different websites, translating into hundreds of users. It’s not too expensive to run a single web server. And when the costs get split between different users, the per-user cost comes out to be pretty low.
You can avail shared hosting plans for as less as $5 per month. Although shared hosting plans are pretty good to get started, there are few cons associated with them – the biggest one being bad neighborhood effect.
As hundreds of different websites operate from the same hardware, the damage can be limitless if the server’s memory gets affected by a coding bug in even one of the websites. All websites can come to a halt in one single moment. The effects can be the same in case of security issues. Attacks targeted at a single website may end up harming all the other websites in the neighborhood.
You must opt for shared hosting only if you’re tight on budget. Although it may work fine and your website may never experience any downtime, it may cost you dearly if your website goes down just at the time when a potential client visits it for some information.

VPS hosting
VPS is the short form for Virtual Private Server and it’s quite similar to a shared hosting environment, minus its harmful side effects. Although the hardware is shared, it is only among a handful of users, and the partitions are created equally. So, if there are four accounts running on the web server, each one is allocated only 25% of the available assets. This takes good care of the unpredictable or unforeseen issues.
In addition, attackers targeting a particular website cannot easily access the other accounts on the server.
As you’ll be provided with your own specific space on the web server, you’ll be free to do whatever you’d like to do with it (which is not the case with shared hosting). You’ll also be provided with extensive server admin options, SSH access, tools’ installation options and much more.
Although you can buy VPS accounts for as less as $5 per month too, the general charges range from $ 15 to $ 20 per month. You’d be much better off hosting your WordPress site on a VPS hosting than a shared hosting service, if you’ve got the money to spare.
In addition, VPS provides you the maximum flexibility and is ideal if you’d like to run other CMS software like Laravel, Drupal or Joomla!

Managed WordPress hosting
This is a slightly different kind of hosting method wherein you kind of get a website directly from the WordPress.com, which is considered a managed WordPress hosting service provider.
When you take a managed WordPress hosting package, the entire architecture of the web server is tuned in a manner that it works at the most optimum level with the WordPress software. Right from the available memory to server level caching to server software to the use of processors, everything is channeled towards optimization of WordPress’ performance.
This results in highly secure and fast websites. Highly professional WordPress support, server level caching and automatic updates are few of the many benefits provided by WordPress.com managed hosting. The cons are that you won’t be able to install any other CMS packages and some of the plug-ins may be disallowed by the host, owing to optimization and/or security concerns. Simply put, you’d have less legroom in comparison to the conventional VPS hosting. If you’re new to WordPress and require a well optimized WordPress website, which is maintained on your behalf, managed WordPress hosting is meant for you.