Essential WP Pages

So you came up with a fantastic domain name, finalized the hosting service provider, installed WordPress software from, installed WordPress theme and all the required plug-ins; now is the time to create pages and posts for your website. These pages and posts will contain the lifeblood of your portal – content! Although what you decide to add to your website is entirely up to you, there are certain bits of content that you’d need to incorporate mandatorily.

Essential pages of a WordPress website

The Homepage
Usually considered the most difficult one to create, the Homepage of your WordPress website can be either dynamic or static in nature. By default, it’s a dynamic web page which gives you the listing of your 10 most recently created posts.
In the event that you’re creating a corporate portal or an online resume, you may prefer to present various details about yourself or the company, on the Homepage. You can create an appropriate WordPress page and make it the default Homepage of your website in this case.

The About page
Almost all the websites feature an ‘About’ page. In case of a blog or a personal website, you can use the ‘About’ page to tell your readers about your story, enabling them to know you better. When it comes to corporate websites, the ‘About’ page consists of details related to the company. People shouldn’t underestimate the potential of this page by considering it boring, unimportant or not of much use. The fans of the website or blog may think otherwise.
If you’re a blogger who’s applying for a job, your prospective employer might just choose to have a look at this page. Furthermore, if they’re seeking someone who’s details-oriented, they’d most likely go through every nook and corner of your website/blog, including the ‘About’ page.

Contact page
This page is very critical for individuals/companies who wish to generate leads from their websites. You can create a form on this page and provide your basic contact details on it. It’s possible to even provide your exact office location via Google maps’ embedding functionality or a simple plug-in.

E-commerce-related pages

If you sell products on the Internet, it may be mandatory for you to publish certain important pages on your website. Normally, these pages are:
- Privacy policy
- Terms of service
- Contact details
- Refund policy

Although you can provide all this information on one single page, certain payment processors may require you to separate them onto different pages. They may make it necessary for you to carefully go through these pages before getting in touch with them. Regardless of the mandatory requirements, it’s anyways a good idea to let your visitors know about your refund and privacy policy.