WordPress, currently known to be the fastest-growing Content Management System (CMS), is also open source and free of cost! In its initial years, it used to be associated with just the blog creation as its main functionality, enabling all kinds of users to enjoy an easy blogging experience. However, over a period of time, its developers worked on its functionality and expanded its usage to the creation of more complex websites, giving it the shape of a comprehensive Content Management System (CMS), rather than a simple blogging tool. All thanks to its very friendly user interface, WordPress is today recognized as the easiest to use CMS on the internet. It is also compatible with a large number of WordPress plug-ins that allow for extension of its functionality in all sorts of ways.

WordPress is based on PHP programming language and uses MySQL as its database at back-end. The Wordpress software is installed on to a web server, which could be either a network host, or an Internet hosting service. As of January 2015, WordPress was in use by over 2.3 million websites of the top 10 million websites existing on the Internet. On the whole, WordPress had been used for creation of as many as 60 million different websites!

People often commit the mistake of treating WordPress as a simple blogging platform. However, as also explained above, it goes far beyond that. WordPress has evolved over a period of time into a versatile and complete CMS. Although you can still employ it for creation of simple blogs, it’s best to tap into its full potential by using it for creation of mobile applications and fully functional websites.

What really sets WordPress apart from other Content Management Systems is that it’s extremely easy to use and is highly flexible. Owing to its various robust features, a good number of top brands are actively using WordPress for powering their websites. These brands include the likes of the New York Times, eBay, Time Magazine and more.

So why should you employ WordPress for creation of your website?

WordPress is completely free!

WordPress is a free of cost software, which means that you can download it for free, install it, use it and modify it as per your requirements. You can employ WordPress for creation of any sort of website. As it belongs to the open source category, which implies that its source code is available for any programmer to study, modify and make changes to, it’s considered a highly flexible website creation software.

As we write this web page, there are more than 2600 different WordPress themes available on the Internet and over 31,000 plug-ins which you can use for free!

All you require is an efficient web hosting service and a domain name for running WordPress. As it belongs to the open source domain, WordPress is essentially a community software. Its maintenance is carried out by a big group of volunteers, comprising mainly of WordPress consultants who have an active interest in its maintenance and growth. Anyone is free to contribute to WordPress by writing its plug-ins, updating its documents, answering its support related questions, writing patches for it, creating WordPress themes and translating WordPress.

Once you start using WordPress, you become an integral part of an awesome community! You’re allowed to download free of cost themes and plug-ins. Furthermore, you get free of cost support from the other WordPress community members. As you become familiar with the WordPress and get experienced in its usage, even you can contribute to the community in your own unique way.

WordPress can be used and learnt easily

As mentioned earlier, WordPress is already used by millions of people throughout the world and more and more people are becoming a part of the WordPress community every day by creating their new websites with WordPress. The reason why people find it so easy to adapt to the WordPress environment is because of its ease of usage.

WordPress can be easily extended by using its plug-ins and themes

Majority of people who use WordPress are neither programmers nor web designers. They’re just normal people who start using WordPress without having any prior knowledge of website design or website programming.

What makes WordPress an ideal candidate for creation of websites and blogs is because you receive thousands of freely implementable themes or templates! This way you can give any sort of look to your website. You name it and there’s a WordPress theme available for that genre. So whether you’re interested in a portfolio theme, an e-commerce theme, a magazine theme or a photography theme, you’re going to find it on WordPress!

These themes are very easy to customize too, as a large majority of them come with their respective option panels enabling the users to change the backgrounds, upload logos, create their own beautiful sliders and make many other cool changes to their websites, without the need of writing even a single line of code!

As mentioned earlier, WordPress is highly flexible and can get extended easily by usage of plug-ins. Just like in case of themes, you can download thousands of free of cost and premium WordPress plug-ins, to enhance the functionality of your websites. Not only do they help in improving your website’s functionality, many plug-ins can provide an altogether new platform for your WordPress based website.

WordPress is loved by search engines!

The WordPress software was written using high quality and standard compliance codes. It produces a semantic markup that makes a website very well optimized in the eyes of search engines. WordPress is inherently very SEO friendly and can be made even more dear to the search engines by usage of different SEO plug-ins.

It can be managed pretty easily

The built-in updater of the WordPress facilitates easy update of themes and plug-ins, from within the WordPress admin area. The users also receive new version notifications on their WordPress dashboards, keeping them updated about improvements and allowing them to implement the updates just by the click of a mouse button. All content on the WordPress websites can be set up for automated regular backups for maximum safety and security.

WordPress is highly safe and secure

The software was created with a lot of focus on the security aspect, and hence is considered an extremely safe and secure program for running any website. However, we all know that Internet can be an extremely uncertain place and is vulnerable to all sorts of eventualities. Hence, users are advised to implement a good quality security system over and above the inherent security features of the WordPress.

You can run different media types with WordPress

Working with WordPress doesn’t limit you to text alone. The software comes with inherent support for easy handling of video, audio and image content. WordPress also supports the oEmbed enabled websites, implying that you can easily embed your Instagram pictures, Soundcloud audio files, Tweets and YouTube videos on your Wordpress sites, by simply pasting the URLs into your WordPress posts. Even visitors can be authorized to embed videos into their comments.

Different ways in which you can use WordPress

WordPress is open to all sorts of possibilities and you can use the software in several different ways. Following are some commonly known website types created with the help of WordPress:
- Membership sites
- Shopping stores
- Portfolios
- Blogs
- Arcades
- Rating websites
- Video collection websites
- Content management systems
- Galleries and more